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Osaka Sakagura List


Yamano Shuzou

¥19,000 / person

Located in the town of Katano, on the border of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, this long-established sake brewery has been producing sake for approximately 160 years since the late Edo period.


Kiyotsuru Shuzou

¥18,000〜 / person

In the early days of the Edo period, sake brewing thrived in the Takatsuki-Tonda area, boasting as many as 24 sake breweries at its peak. Kiyotsuru Shuzo is one of the two remaining breweries from that era.


Kitashoji Shuzou

¥22,000〜 / person

At Sakagura Kitashoji Shuzou, our motto has been ‘pure and beautiful-tasting sake’ since our founding nearly 100 years ago, aiming for an ideal sake that remains unchanged.

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