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SAKE DISCOVERY offers an authentic local Sake brewery tour in a fashion you have never experienced.
Get ready to dive deeper into the world of this sacred wine that is taking over the world!

What is a “Sakagura”?

SAKAGURA is a Japanese term to refer to a sake brewery or sake production facility.
It is where the process of making sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine, takes place.

What is a “Sakagura tour”?

A sake brewery transcends its role as a mere sake production facility. During a brewery visit, one discerns it not solely as a place for sake production but also as a pivotal entity within local and regional food culture, and potentially, a focal point of regional identity. Consequently, a visit to a sake brewery affords an immersive experience into the everyday culture of the Japanese people.

At Sake Discovery, our aspiration is for a global audience to comprehend and appreciate the diverse, authentic Japanese culture that has endured beyond its extensive history. The mission of Sake Discovery is to safeguard and rejuvenate Japanese breweries, disseminate Japanese culture globally, and forge a connection to the future.

We encourage everyone to seize the opportunity and truly immerse themselves in the richness of Japanese culture.

Special Sake Brewery Tours

Sake Discovery Exclusive


SAKE DISCOVERY offers an unique opportunity with its exclusive Sakagura tours, affording participants an authentic glimpse into the intricate Sake production process. Conventionally speaking, sake breweries have rarely allowed the general public into this behind-the-scene manufacturing and factory areas for tours.

Sake production demands meticulous hygiene standards. This is why conventional sake brewery tours rarely grant insight into the details of actual sake-making process. Furthermore, sake has long held a sacred significance as an offering to the divine. SAKE DISCOVERY’s brewery tours offer a rare and invaluable opportunity to glimpse this mystical process that can’t be found elsewhere.

*Most breweries (except for a few) do not brew sake during the summer. However, SAKE DISCOVERY exclusively grant access to the production line, which is not generally open to public, so that visitors can learn how sake is produced even during off-season.

Excellent Selection

2. Looking for more authentic Sake experience?

You can choose a Sakagura in either Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara or Shiga based on your itinerary. Our list includes some of the finest Sakaguras in Japan.

Premium Tasting

3. Interested in top tier Sake?

In addition to the customary selection of Sake available for tasting, our tour offers a refined assortment of premium Sake, elevating your experience to new heights.

100% Private Tour

4. Is privacy important to you?

All of our tours are completely private, meaning that you will not have to share the precious sakagura experience with other strangers.


5. Your designated interpreter can help you understand more about the sakagura!

Our tours are accompanied by English – Japanese interpreters who have extensive expertise in the world of Sake or Sakagura staff ensuring that you have the best possible experience as you delve into the sacred art of Sake production.

※In the event of specific language requirements, we can also provide AI translation devices.

How to Book a
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Please make payment by credit card via the URL provided in the email within 24 hours after receiving the booking confirmation email from SAKE DISCOVERY.
If credit card payment is not confirmed within 24 hours, the reservation may be canceled.

Finalizing the booking

Once we confirm payment by your credit card, the booking will be finalized. We will notify you of the payment confirmation details of the confirmed booking, meeting place, interpreter’s name for the day, and phone number.


Timeless Beauty, Endless Wonder

Shotoku Shuzou

¥22,000〜 / person

Founded in 1645, and relocating to Fushimi in the mid-Taisho period in search of better water, this historic sake brewery has preserved the traditional culture and spirit of sake making for nearly a century.


Hakurei Shuzou

¥18,000〜 / person

Sakagura Hakurei Shozou has continued to inherit brewing methods passed down through generations since its establishment about 200 years ago, prioritizing harmony among rice, water, and people in sake brewing.


Nation’s Kitchen

Yamano Shuzou

¥19,000 / person

Located in the town of Katano, on the border of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, this long-established sake brewery has been producing sake for approximately 160 years since the late Edo period.


Kiyotsuru Shuzou

¥18,000〜 / person

In the early days of the Edo period, sake brewing thrived in the Takatsuki-Tonda area, boasting as many as 24 sake breweries at its peak. Kiyotsuru Shuzo is one of the two remaining breweries from that era.


Kitashoji Shuzou

¥22,000〜 / person

At Sakagura Kitashoji Shuzou, our motto has been ‘pure and beautiful-tasting sake’ since our founding nearly 100 years ago, aiming for an ideal sake that remains unchanged.


The Essense of Japan’s Spiritual Heritage

Imanishi Seibei Shoten Shuzou

¥18,000 / person

Visit a renowned sake brewery in Nara named after the famous Nara specialty, the “deer.” Nara, Japan’s first international city, is said to be the birthplace of sake.


Nara Toyosawa Shuzou

¥18,000 / person

The history of the sakagura, Nara Toyosawa Shuzo, began with the dawn of the Meiji era. At sakagura Nara Toyosawa Shuzo, we minimize mass production through mechanization, preserving the tradition of handcrafted sake production by skilled artisans, while dedicating ourselves to enhancing quality.


Lakeside Beauty and Cultural Harmony

Okamura Honke

¥15,000〜 / person

This is a long-established sake brewery located in an area relatively close to Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa, and the national treasure, Hikone Castle, with a history dating back 160 years.


Nami No Oto Shuzou

¥18,000〜 / person

This is a sake brewery located by the beautiful shores of Lake Biwa, nurtured by nature. Founded in the second year of the Bunka era (1805), it boasts a history of over 200 years.

*Prices displayed in this page are tax included.


Brian & Wooja

We recently joined a brewery tour at Yamano Shuzou, located between Osaka and Kyoto. It was a wonderful sensory and eye-opening experience.

How is Sake produced?

Let’s learn about Sake before the tour!

Ever wonder how Sake is made? How many steps do you think there are to make Sake?


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